About Us


B & C TECH is a Contracting/Outsourcing service provider that has continued to provide professional managerial and technical support upon being founded in 2008. B & C TECH's "Continuous Improvements Through Innovation" service philosophy is backed by our expertise in end-to-end consulting. Our know-how of advancing technological markets and our thorough understanding of process developments makes us the optimal choice in assisting partners in surpassing their business goals.

B & C TECH’s portfolio is designed to provide targeted management services to small and mid-size businesses. From helping entrepreneurs define their business processes, to business training and coaching. B & C TECH seeks to help businesses at various stages of development.

Executive Director / Co-founder - Jerry Bridgewater
Jerry Bridgewater (BSEE, BSBA, AS, AMT, LSS MBB) has more than 20 years of experience in Lean and Six Sigma Implementations in the manufacturing industry. He has also implemented and performed numerous Employee Development training sessions. He has worked globally, and has extensive experience in high-quality plant operations, labor relations, quality control, resolving customer conflicts, safety, and engineering. He has a proven track record of consistent contributions to increase production, quality, cost effectiveness, and profitability. He has worked in leadership roles in a number of industries such as: Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, and Construction. He has worked on Project Implementations with organizations such as: Motorola, Delphi Automotive, Tyco, Abbott Laboratories, and H B Fuller Company. Jerry’s practical and hands on teaching skills allow him to blend his diverse experience from the different industries with sessions in the classroom. He is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.


  • Strategic Partnering with B & C Tech Consulting Services and Solution for Continuous Improvements Full-Lifecycle and Deployment Services.
  • Support of complete cycle from Implementation, Launch, Deployment, and Post-Implementation Support. Resulting in significant annual savings.

  • Strong Understanding of End-to-End business process cycle:
    • Business Strategy
    • Project Management
    • Web-Application Development
    • Business Training
    • Operations